Stonehenge (GER)

„Zuweilen sphärisch-trippy, mit Eiern serviert, dann wieder dicke und vor allem kreative Riffs – aber was für welche!
Brachiale Abwechslung die einfach Gaudi macht, ein Ohrenschmaus.“

Seit 2010 hämmern Stonehenge aus Potsdam am Zahn der Zeit. Urrock aus den 60ern, gepaart mit verschobenen Riffs und Rhythmen aus jüngeren Tagen – erdiger Orgelrock mit steinigem Psychedelic-Vibe und Progrock-Flair!

„Full of retro 70’s grooves, tons of killer guitar riffs, tasteful organ flourishes, soulful vocals, and a great sounding production to top it all off. Imagine Deep Purple mixed with the newer sounds of bands like Clutch and Pothead. Great stuff!“

„STONEHENGE can be described as a conglomeration of heavy fuzzed out stoner rock taking elements from both modern as well as the swamis of the genres ala Kyuss and Fu Manchu along with scanty trips into the psychedelia infused unexplained expanses and bluesy marijuana meanderings in a mirage inducing desert baked by the hot sun. These are meshed together with a rock out and live in the moment attitude of classic rock bands and with touches of krautrock sprinkled throughout all the time backed with the unpredictability and song writing skills of progressive rock bands. After you wrap your head around that, drench this in an organ bathed atmosphere and you have what is collectively known as Stonehenge.”

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